One health – To be part of a greater whole

One Health is defined by the World Health Organisation as an integrated, unifying approach that aims to sustainably balance and optimise the health of people, domestic and wild animals, plants and the wider environment (including ecosystems). It recognises that our human health cannot be separated from all other living things on Earth, which are intimately connected and interdependent.

As a reminder of the interconnectedness of health across species and ecosystems, the concept of One Health is a critical principle for our business. Throughout the research, development and application of our cleaning products, we must balance product efficacy, product safety and environmental protection.

In the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, robust cleaning and disinfection programmes are critical. Cleanrooms, for example, play a vital role in preventing cross-contamination and microbial contamination of products and are an extreme example of contamination control procedures. More generally, however, these industries require cleaning agents on a regular basis and can have an impact on the environment.

By its very nature, the cosmetics and personal care industry can contribute to global environmental issues such as climate change, waste, water scarcity, habitat destruction and pollution. Responsible and proactive approaches are essential to address these issues while mitigating their impact.

Achieving a balance between health and environmental impact is a challenging task, but possible with the right cleaning products.

Our qualified team of experts understand the challenges of the Life Sciences Industry and is ready to work with you to provide a tailored solution in cleaning and disinfection that optimises your manufacturing process.

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Mónica Correia

International Marketing Manager for Life Sciences and Medical Care. Degree in Business Administration with a Masters in Marketing Management and an MBA. Over 20 years' experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

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