Large loads of dirty linen, from residents’ personal wear to bed sheets, towels, table linen and staff’s uniforms are processed everyday. It is a serious responsibility which requires not only a thorough knowledge of the legal requirements but also the fabrics, the stains and the suitable wash processes. Christeyns’ wash experts support you for a quick and efficient handling of the laundry, with care for the textiles.

Getting things clean and safe
High-quality detergents and disinfectants for fresh and hygienic textiles
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Sustainable solutions
Attention to the environmental aspect of washing
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Total wash concepts
Integrated wash concepts for on-premise laundries
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Accurate dosing
Specialised dosing systems for washer extractors
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Education and Training
Professional textile care trainings for in-house laundry staff
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Professional advice and service
Experts and specialists helping you make the best wash decisions
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Our Products

To meet the different fabric needs, we’ve designed a wide range of chemicals: liquid and powder detergents for automatic and hand dosing, registered biocides and disinfection products, wet-cleaning products for delicate textiles, stain removers for stubborn stains and a Green’R range of ecolabelled products.

Total Wash Concepts

Our dedicated wash processes provide the correct care for each type of linen. The Caretex-range focuses on non-delicate laundry, whilst Pro-Fit concentrates on delicate textiles. Next to these dedicated product ranges, the Speed-O wash concept is a cold washing solution that uses ozone to develop its optimum properties.

Accurate Dosing

A reliable, accurate and safe dosing system to not overdose the chemical products is crucial in achieving the highest efficiency of your wash process. Our Flux-range allows central and decentral dosing of liquid detergents specifically adapted for washer extractors. The modular equipment is low in maintenance and particularly suited for on-premise laundries.

Sustainable Solutions

Washing with low impact on the environment is a basic requirement of any laundry nowadays. This green standard calls for sustainable products, washing at lower temperatures, prolonged linen life, efficient wash processes, correct dosing and a continuous view on the consumption of water and energy. Our Christeyns experts stand by your side to lower your environmental footprint while optimising the performance of your on-premise laundry.

Training and Education

What’s the right programme for each load? What about safe handling of chemicals, efficient stain removal and disinfection? Our very own training institute Christeyns Academy offers training courses to train your staff and keep you updated about the latest laundry developments.

Professional Advice and Service

Our experienced specialist are approachable and offer a flexible, first-class service to perfectly match your needs. Feel free to contact us for further support, information or customised solutions.

10 year Cool Chemistry!

We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of "Cool Chemistry" wash process. Since its launch in 2013, Cool Chemistry has enabled laundry services in the hospitality, healthcare, and workwear sectors to achieve exceptional results in soil removal, whiteness, bleaching, and disinfection, all at low temperatures as low as 40°C.
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