Hygiene solutions for your industry

Our hygiene products come in all sizes and packaging, in different concentrations and shapes and for various applications. At Christeyns, we focus on 4 different industries: Professional Textile Care, Food Hygiene & Retail, Professional Cleaning and Medical Care & Life Sciences.

A portfolio from A to Z

We offer a very wide product range, from general cleaning and disinfection products to specialties and specific problem solvers. Next to our classic portfolio, the GREEN’R range provides ecological alternatives for an effective and sustainable cleaning routine.

Tailor-made products

Looking for powders, liquids, solids, wipes or gels? Christeyns has it all. Our products come in different packaging such as sprays, canisters and IBC’s, in order to best fit your specific situation. We listen to your needs and preferences to develop products, concentrations and packaging at your request.

Food Hygiene

Christeyns has a complete range of effective and efficient products for the food industry. At Christeyns we are able to meet our customers' requirements with the highest levels of safety. We offer customised solutions that respond to the specific problems of each type of food industry.
Food Hygiene Products

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