To ensure the safety and healthiness of livestock farms, it is essential to carry out thorough cleaning and disinfection of both the equipment used, such as tanks, milking machines, etc., and of the facilities, including walls, floors, ceilings, etc. This will help to minimise the risk of cross-contamination that can affect the health of the animals and final consumers.

The cleaning phase is crucial to remove all organic matter that can interfere with the disinfectant active ingredients applied afterwards. In addition, proper cleaning removes a large amount of the microbial load present on surfaces.

Christeyns, offers specific solutions for livestock farms, differentiating products for milking equipment hygiene, pre-dipping and post-dipping, farm cleaning and specialties.

getting things clean and safe
Getting things clean & safe
High-quality detergents and disinfectants for optimal food hygiene
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Sustainable Solutions
The environmental aspect of food hygiene processes
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the right equipment
The right Equipment
Specialised tools and equipment for cleaning in farms
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Easy monitoring
Management information systems to optimise your cleaning procedures, performance and productivity
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professional advice
Professional advice & service
Experts and specialists helping you face the challenges of modern farms
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Education & training
Food hygiene training for professionals in farms
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Our Products

The MIDA product range is fully dedicated to applications in the food sector.
MIDA Flow focuses on the cleaning in place (CIP) of e.g. hooks, kettles and smoke houses while MIDA Foam for open plant cleaning (OPC) works on the removal of organic and inorganic soiling on equipment, walls and floors. MIDA Lube then smoothens the process for conveyor belts and packaging machines. Airborne disinfection, disinfection with peracetic acid and alternatives to quaternary ammonium compounds and products for smoking chambers are a few of the specialities in our broad range.

The right Equipment

Christeyns offers a wide variety of food hygiene equipment to choose from. From central and decentral cleaning and disinfection systems to dosing systems, hygienic access control, scrubber driers and floor. Specialities such as fogging systems, foam generators and washers for moulds and trolleys complete the range.

Easy Monitoring

Our monitoring and control systems for OPC (Open Plant Cleaning) cleaning processes ensure food safety procedures, quality requirements and hygiene standards are met.

Sustainable Solutions

We aim for water, energy and product saving cleaning routines by optimising our products and cleaning processes. Therefore, our product range includes ecolabelled products, we work with lubricants to reduce the water consumption, go for peracetic acid as a biodegradable alternative for chlorine compounds and developed two-in-one cleaning and disinfecting solutions to lower your product use.

Education and Training

How to set up your hygiene and cleaning plans? What about microbiological techniques and food safety legislation? Christeyns Academy provides practical and theoretical trainings for food hygiene professionals in the field.

Professional Advice

We don’t settle for less than the highest standard of food safety. Our dedicated team of experts stands by your side to offer you a flexible service and customized hygiene solutions.

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