Critical environments require reliable hygiene processes. The end consumer trusts on strict contamination control and full traceability of your offers. That is why Christeyns Life Sciences focuses on high-end hygiene solutions for sterile and non-sterile environments in the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry and research support. With a combination of qualitative products and detailed operating procedures we assure hygiene within your needs and expectations.

Getting things clean & safe
Reliable detergents and disinfectants for assured hygiene
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Sustainable Solutions
Ingredients and compositions respecting the environment and the user.
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The right equipment
Specialised tools and equipment for cleaning, hand hygiene and dosing
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Easy monitoring
Management information systems to monitor and optimise hygiene procedures and processes
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Professional Advice and Service
Experts and specialists helping you to find the most suitable hygiene solution
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Education and Training
Hygiene trainings for professionals in the pharmaceutical or cosmetic industry
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Our Products

Different applications require different types of products. The Symbioz-range and its eco-friendly pendant Ecocert Cosmos provide a variety of detergents for cleaning-in-place (CIP) and cleaning-out-of-place (COP). The PHAGO range mainly focuses on disinfectants for surfaces and hand hygiene. Specialised sterile and filtered products grade from A to D and are available in various forms from ready-to-use sprays over wipes and concentrates. Our cosmetics and pharmaceuticals are produced under strict regulations for quality, hygiene and safetey according to the GMP standards.

The Right Equipment

Next to general cleaning equipment such as dosing and foaming systems, we offer a wide range of dispensers for hand hygiene solutions. They vary between manual and automatic systems and have different designs, capacities, operating mechanisms and mounting options.

Easy Monitoring

Our monitoring and control tools can help to gain insight into the effectiveness of products and procedures.

Sustainable Solutions

Looking for effective but eco-friendly hygiene products? The ECOCERT COSMOS solutions consist of 92.7% natural ingredients and don’t contain any chlorine compounds or fragrances. The elimination of parabens, alcohol derivates, perfumes, dyes and other additives from our PHAGO hand hygiene products reduces the allergen risk and enhances the tolerability for different skin types.

Advice and Service

Our scientific expert team is committed to find the best hygiene solution within yours needs, taking into account manufacturing constraints, regulatory compliance and technical requirements. With detailed audits of your cleaning process we define personalised hygiene plans.

Training and Education

Are you looking for detailed hygiene and disinfection trainings? Or do you want to learn more about contamination control? Our Pharma & cosmetics specialist have the required experience to train your staff and put the theory into practice.

Why choose a touch-free dispenser?

Hygiene is currently an aspect that dominates our daily routine. Washing and disinfecting hands has therefore become an automatism. So why not simplify these operations by choosing a touch-free dispenser? A touch-free dispenser from Christeyns offers many advantages: increased hygiene is guaranteed because there is no contact with the hands. In addition, the refill pouches are […]
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