Wool, silk, leather and other delicate textiles require a gentle cleaning approach, while the end-customer relies on your expertise and has high expectations. As the specialised delicate textiles department of Christeyns, Cole and Wilson has years of experience in washing technology and a good understanding of the fabrics, their stains, the machinery involved and modern-day cleaning procedures.

Getting things clean and safe
High-quality detergents and disinfectants for gentle care washing and cleaning
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Integrated wash solutions
All-in-one wash solutions for dry and wet cleaning shops
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Education and training
Dry and wet cleaning trainings for textile care professionals
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Professional Advice and Service
Experts and specialists helping you make the best stain removal and finishing decision
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Premium detergents and disinfectants

The Pro-Fit series are dedicated to wet cleaning and contain the ingredients for a classic wash process: detergents, bleaching agents and softeners. The Sultra-line goes the extra mile with pre-brushing agents, cleaning enhancers, finishers for dry cleaning and stain removers for pre-treatment of persistent and hard to remove stains. A speciality in our range is the HiGlo dry cleaning solvent. It is odourless, 100% biodegradable and an environmentally-friendly alternative to perchloroethylene.

Total dry and wet cleaning concepts

Are you looking for an all-in-one wash solution, applicable for all types of delicate textiles? The AquaWave wet cleaning concept focuses on the finishing of textiles ensuring less wrinkles, bright colours and a fresh smell. Covering multiple aspects of the cleaning process, results in reduced process time and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Education and Training

How do you clean different textile items? How do you recognise and treat specific stains? And what about the fundamentals of spotting? Christeyns Academy offers accessible courses for all levels in dry- and wet cleaning.

Professional Advice and Service

We don’t stop when the stains are removed and are here to understand your needs and exceed your expectations. You can count on us for professional advice and a flexible, local service.

10 year Cool Chemistry!

We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of "Cool Chemistry" wash process. Since its launch in 2013, Cool Chemistry has enabled laundry services in the hospitality, healthcare, and workwear sectors to achieve exceptional results in soil removal, whiteness, bleaching, and disinfection, all at low temperatures as low as 40°C.
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