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Safe handling of cleaning & disinfection chemicals in food industry

The use of chemicals for cleaning and disinfecting in the food industry brings risks with it. By informing employees about the composition of the products, the use and the dangers, accidents can be avoided.

Basic principles of cleaning and disinfection in food industry

This training is relevant for everyone involved in the cleaning process. We give more information about the basics of cleaning, the chemistry used in the cleaning process, the most common cleaning practices and the documentation and validation of cleaning regimes.

Microbiology in food processing

What are food borne illnesses? How can we identify the bacteria involved and control them? In this course we teach anyone responsible for the hygiene operations about microbiology in a food/beverage manufacturing or processing factory.

Personal hygiene for food handlers

Personal hygiene is key in reducing the risks of food borne infections. Hand hygiene, body care and hygienic behavior in general are therefore crucial for food handlers to know, understand and put into practice.

Open Plant Cleaning (OPC) awareness

In this OPC course we give an understanding of the fundamental principles of OPC in the food and beverage industry. The training helps to understand the OPC cleaning procedures and recognize common problems.

Cleaning In Place (CIP) awareness

The CIP awareness course gives you the fundamental principles of CIP in the food and beverage industry. Get to know more about the different types of CIP systems, their main process parameters and the equipment and products involved.