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Health and Wellbeing

To ensure that your staff know how to maintain good levels of health and wellbeing in their jobs.

Health and Safety for Food Workers

This course is written specifically to cover those hazards associated with food production and food retail. It will help with due diligence should an accident occur, but it is important in your accident prevention planning.

Ladder and Stepladder Safety – Awareness

This course aims to help you work safely with stepladders or leaning ladders. There are rules that anyone using ladders or stepladders should be aware of, such as how to position ladders securely, how to check ladders for damage and when stepladders or ladders should not be used to ensure the user’s safety.

Level 2 – Food Safety in Manufacturing

In today’s food manufacturing environment, even a small chance of failure is too high and could become a threat to consumer safety. This course is the standard requirement for employment in the food manufacturing sector.

Level 2 – Understanding TACCP and VACCP

There are significant food safety and food quality concerns that are outside the purpose of HACCP. TACCP and VACCP, which were developed to address intentional acts of contamination, threats and vulnerability, as opposed to the focus of HACCP on risks to food safety.

Forklift and Lift Truck Safety

This course looks at the main risks when using a lift truck and a guide for their safe use and inspection.

Listeria Monocytogenes Awareness

This course has been designed to enable anyone, especially food workers, care workers and those concerned with the welfare of individuals who fall within vulnerable categories, to understand the Listeria bacteria and its affects.

Managing Disinfection and Hygiene

This online course is designed specifically for managers, supervisors and those responsible for the safe production and handling of food in the food producing environment.

Noise – Awareness

This course has been designed for anyone in the workplace where noise has the potential to become a health and safety hazard to general health.

Pest Awareness

This is particularly important where food is present, as food must be free of any kind of contamination, which ultimately could become a danger to consumers. This course has been designed to give a basic level of
understanding about how insects and some animals can become food safety hazards, especially important in food premises.