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5s Quality Systems

5s systems were developed in Japan and form part of Lean Management Techniques, or ‘just in time manufacturing’. The system centres on the importance of house keeping in any manufacturing or production setting, that is, maintaining organisation efficiency and cost reduction.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

This legislation is hard hitting and will force many companies to rethink the way they do business. Data must be protected in the form of legislation needed for future security. This course is for all employees in companies who require data to carry out their commercial activities.

Accident Reporting (RIDDOR)

Accident Reporting will help make you aware of the different kinds of incidents which need to be reported at work, what procedures to follow, how to collect data and maintain proper RIDDOR records.

Allergen Awareness – Manufacturing

This knowledge will affect all aspects of food manufacture as all staff should fully understand how allergens can affect those who suffer with food allergies and why following safe systems is critical to ensure food remains safe for the consumer.

Asbestos Awareness

This course will clarify the responsibilities of duty holders, inform those who work within asbestos containing buildings and meet the legislative requirement for awareness training.

Cleaning in the Food Industry

Clean premises and equipment are probably the most important factor in achieving good wholesome food. Understanding cleaning and cleaning methods are vital.

Classification, Labelling and Packaging

This course is for anyone who works with, or may come into contact with, chemicals that may be hazardous. All chemical labels should now be in the new format and you will need to have an understanding of these.

COSHH in the Food Industry

Commonly used chemicals are often composed of powerful ingredients, which can cause harmful effects if used without the appropriate safety measures or controls. This course is for anyone who may come into contact with harmful substances within a food establishment.

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) – Awareness

Display screens are normally used with desk-based computers, but they can also refer to other types of devices such as laptops and touch-screen tablets. Working intensively with display screen equipment for long periods of time can cause significant health problems. This course is suitable for anyone who uses display screen equipment regularly at home or at work.

Electrical Safety – Awareness

All of us rely on electricity in some form or another, both at home and in the workplace. When electricity is not handled correctly, it can cause disruption, in the form of power cuts, destruction to property, injuries, and even death. This course is for anyone in the workplace.