With over 75 years of experience in professional cleaning, Christeyns wants to clean smart. Daily cleaning routines don’t have to be difficult or time consuming and hygiene professionals want to trust on qualitative products and user-friendly systems. We support you with professional advice and staff trainings on product information, cleaning procedures and hygiene plans. Because cleaning greener, safer and easier, that’s what we aim for.

getting things clean and safe
Getting things clean & safe
High-quality detergents and disinfectants for professional cleaning businesses
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the right equipment
The right equipment
Specialised tools and equipment for professional cleaning
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total concepts
Total concepts
Total cleaning concepts for professional cleaning businesses
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saving water
Sustainable Solutions
The environmental aspect of professional cleaning processes
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Education & training
Hygiene trainings for professionals in the cleaning industry
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professional advice
Professional advice & service
Experts and specialists helping you face the challenges of modern cleaning businesses
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Cleaning Contractor Products

Our Products

Christeyns’ LUFRA range offers cleaning solutions for sanitary cleaning and room care such as multi-surface detergents, window cleaners and solutions for toilets and washrooms. If you are looking for daily or periodic maintainers for your floors, the FLOORIT range provides answers while Christeyns RELAVIT focuses on detergents and disinfectants for kitchen and machine ware washing. Find the hygiene solution that best fits your needs in our regular or ecological GREEN’R range.

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The right Equipment

A good cleaning routine starts with the right equipment. General cleaning tools such as mops, wipes and spray bottles form the base of our equipment portfolio. They are accompanied by floor scrubbers and dosing caps for liquids and powders. A few specialities in our range are fogging systems for aerial disinfection and nebulization systems for atomizing perfumes.

Total cleaning concepts

Christeyns is continuously looking for intelligent hygiene solutions that combine qualitative products and user-friendly systems to make daily cleaning practices run easily, quickly and safely. Our GREEN’R Superconcentrates range is an example of a total concept that combines ultra concentrated products with a unique dosing system for the cleaning of kitchens, floors and surfaces. Another example is the FLOORIT ERGON floor cleaning concept that unites an ergonomic cleaning device with washable mop pads and ready-to-use product pouches.
Christeyns Sustainability

Sustainable Solutions

New hygiene standards are turning more and more green. Christeyns GREEN’R offers an answer to this new, ecological hygiene standards with an extensive range of well-performing eco labelled products. The products are nontoxic, do not harm the environment and reduce the risks of allergy. Even in lower doses the Christeyns products show impeccable results and maximum efficiency while saving on water, transportation costs and packaging.

Education and Training

Which products can be used for which applications? What are the best practices in cleaning and disinfecting? And how about the correct cleaning procedures and routines? Christeyns Academy provides hygiene trainings for professionals in the cleaning industry.

Professional Advice and Service

With periodic audits and detailed analysis our expert team looks for the best hygiene solution. We provide you with product and safety information and we actively listen to your needs and preferences to draw up customised cleaning plans. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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