Every day, millions of people rely on textile care professionals like you. Each type of textile that you process requires a specific approach. But in any case an efficient wash process always starts with precise dosing of the right chemicals and the use of proper equipment. Our dedicated specialists are at your service every day and offer solutions to wash with low impact on the environment and improve your performance while they are at it.

Getting things clean and safe
High-quality detergents and disinfectants for optimal washing results
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Saving water
Water management systems for efficient use and reuse of process water
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Saving energy
Energy management systems for economical use and recovery of heat and steam
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Easy monitoring
Management information systems to optimise your wash processes, performance and productivity
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Total wash concepts
Integrated wash concepts for industrial wash processes
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Accurate Dosing
Specialised dosing equipment for tunnel washers and washer extractors
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Education and training
Industrial laundry trainings for textile care professionals
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Professional Advice and Service
Experts and specialists helping you face the challenges of modern laundries
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Our liquid and powder products are the result of many years of experience and thorough research on stain removal, whiteness, textile lifetime and environmental impact. Our range goes from detergents, neutralisers and degreasers to bleaching agents and boosters. Discover them all in our online catalogue.

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Total Wash Concepts

Are you looking for an all-in-one solution for tunnel washers and washer extractors (WE)? The flexible PureSan concept for flat linen and the pH-neutral Cool Chemistry solutions for gentle washing at lower temperatures find their purpose in various sectors an applications such as hospitality, healthcare and protective workwear.

Accurate dosing

Careful and safe dosing of liquid or powder detergents is not only important for production operators and the environment but also for the efficacy of the wash process. The FLUX-range offers central or decentral dosing of liquid products while our C-MIX and SOLV-X allow automatic dosing of powder detergents. At Christeyns, we develop our dosing equipment in-house, tailored to your needs and with low-maintenance requirements in our minds.

Easy monitoring

The management information system (MIS), keeps an eye on the complete wash process to optimise your entire production. Laundry X-pert manages the costs and efficiency of your wash process while Laundry Dashboard monitors the performance of your total laundry through energy consumption, machine performance and employee productivity. Also for qualitative batch follow-up, safe transfer pumping and visualisation of stock we have developed specialised control systems.

Water and Energy savings

Heat exchangers, steam recuperation and solar energy form the basis of a green and energy-efficient wash process. Our HEAT-X-range and STEAM-X are excellent tools to recover heat and steam in the industrial laundry process. In terms of water, the LINT-X-range offers solutions for the reuse of process water and reducing the soil loading in wastewater. Optimising the use of natural resources makes sure you can operate at a competitive level and offers an answer to the concerns of the modern laundry.

Education and Training

Do you want to deep dive into the world of stain removal in industrial laundries? Or do you want to ensure a safe handling of laundry chemicals for your employees? Christeyns Academy provides different trainings for textile care professionals in the field.

Professional Advice

We go for a flexible, local service and approachable experts that perform detailed audits and consult you in optimising your laundry. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for a specific system, a customised solution or a personalised concept.

Kill your energy bill with Heat-X Energo

Christeyns’ engineers have been working hard to develop more efficient systems to re-use waste heat. One such system is Heat-X Energo. Heat-X Energo is a shell-and-tube water heat exchanger, which has been carefully developed to meet the specific requirements of the laundry industry.
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