A cleaner future

by Christeyns

Christeyns is more than just a hygiene specialist. We whiten your whites, sterilise your floors, purify your wastewater, and brighten the future while we’re at it. Plus, we help local charities achieve their gleaming goals through our very own foundation. Because we strive for a cleaner tomorrow – a healthy planet, a sustainable community and a happy you.


As a global company, we want to give back to the community. Mobilise people. Contribute to a warm and inclusive neighbourhood – one that’s proud of its city and mindful of its environment. We want to bring back authenticity and stimulate face-to-face interactions to reconnect people and encourage collaboration. Care to meet?

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Christeyns Foundation

Christeyns’ social responsibility isn’t limited to community involvement and urban projects, we also support local CSR initiatives and charitable events to increase our positive impact on society. We fund initiatives close to us to help those who need it the most and raise money and awareness for organisations we feel strongly about. We do what we can to make the future brighter for everyone.

Recent charity initiatives

Innovation & Education

Christeyns is first and foremost a knowledge-based company, embracing innovation as a core value. A brilliant team of hygiene experts continuously conducts thorough research at 4 different R&D centres across Europe to serve and anticipate our customers’ needs. We also tailor (y)our experience and inspire eager minds to strive towards a cleaner tomorrow at our very own academy. We are happy to share our insights with like-minded people like you and yours.

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Environmental projects

Sustainability is a mindset. A behaviour you cultivate on a daily basis. We want to use our reach, infrastructure and expertise to support cities, businesses, people … society as a whole in its transition to a green, clean, healthy future. Which is why we’re involved in local clean-up and climate-friendly initiatives and look for ways to reduce our ecological footprint to a very minimum. We manage transport efficiently, streamline processes, make sure our products are environmentally-friendly as possible and strive to generate most of our electricity from renewable resources like sun and water. We’re constantly working on ourselves and our products and invite others to inspire us. Will you?

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Team Spirit

We’ve grown from a small family business in 1947 into an international player in the chemical industry, not only through diversification, but through the innovation and dedication of our employees. It’s the people that make Christeyns. They’re the ones who’ve made us shine for over 70 years. To give them every opportunity they deserve, we invest in a sustainable human resource policy, in career-development, knowledge-sharing, mobility and teamwork. Take a closer look at who we are and get to know our sparkling team.

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A Cleaner Future Starts Today