In a critical and increasingly demanding environment Christeyns Medical Care provides an answer to the daily needs and challenges of hospitals and healthcare institutions worldwide. With high-quality detergents, disinfectants and procedures we make sure healthcare workers can operate in the most hygienic conditions and we assure patients and their visitors are protected from healthcare related infections. Our aim? Ensure hygiene and enhance the quality of your care.

getting things clean and safe
Getting things clean & safe
Effective detergents and disinfectants for safe healthcare provision.
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Sustainable solutions
Ingredients and compositions respecting the environment and the sensitive skin.
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the right equipment
The right equipment
Specialised dispensers and hand hygiene tools for applications in the medical sector.
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Easy monitoring
Management information systems to optimize hygiene procedures and monitor product use.
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professional advice
Professional Advice and Service
Experts and specialists helping you face the challenges of hygiene in modern healthcare.
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Christeyns Medical Products

Safe and effective products

Profound research and development has resulted in a variety of well-known quality products, produced under strict regulations for different applications in the medical sector. Our PHAGO range includes:

- hand hygiene products such as hand wash soaps and antiseptic, hydroalcoholic solutions

- a range of full spectrum disinfectants for floors and surfaces with peracetic acid as the active ingredient

- high-level disinfectants and detergents for medical devices, instruments and dental practices

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The right equipment

Specialised dispensers for hand hygiene solutions come in different types: manual and automatic systems, plastic or stainless steel designs, for pouches or airless bottles, with push buttons or elbow operated mechanism, freestanding or wall mounted, … the choice is up to you!

Easy monitoring

Our monitoring and control tools can gain insight into the effectiveness of products and procedures. The PHAGO’LUX hand hygiene tool gives a visualisation of correctly impregnated areas under UV-lamps and can be deployed for hand hygiene training or control.

Sustainable solutions

The sustainability of our solutions is twofold. Certified, ecolabelled products reduce our impact on the environment and form the basis of a clean and green product range. On the other hand, our formulas are designed to reduce the allergen risk and enhance the tolerability of our products for different skin types.

Advice and Service

Our dedicated team of experts stand for a flexible service and customized approach. We are here to analyse your specific needs, set up personalised protocols and trainings, provide technical support and assist with regulatory compliance.

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