To measure is to know. Our management information systems keep an eye on your cleaning processes to optimise your hygiene procedures and productivity.



Work Instruction for Site Hygiene

  • A computer based application running on our server, that enables the creation of cleaning instructions cards for Hygiene Management
  • No software to install
  • Documents stored securely on our server
  • Access from any PC
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Full Training Given / Fully supported




Connecting Chemicals Correctly

  • Unique electro-chemical signature for each product – not a simple pH measurement
  • Total automation and data-logging of deliveries
  • Best available technology for the safe delivery of chemicals into bulk tanks
  • Cost effective reassurance reducing the risks of chemical accidents or incidents
  • New products can be introduced after KLENZGUARD has been “trained” to accept the signature

For more information, please contact your local Technical Service Manager.



Automated Stock Control

A cloud-based volume monitoring system especially suited to the remote sensing, reporting and management of bulk tank farms.

  • Set re-order levels
  • Set alarm levels
  • Data logging
  • Temperature
  • Set usage levels and alarms
  • Receive all live time information through email and text

For more information, please contact your local Technical Service Manager.



Pedagogical tool for hand hygiene training

  • Educational material
  • Controls the application of standardised hand friction techniques
  • Easy to use
  • Immediate result


Laundry X-Pert

Laundry X-Pert

Software tool to manage and control the cost and efficiency of your wash process.

  • With real-time insights
  • Delivers info about chemicals and parameters of the wash process
  • User-friendly system
  • Compatible with all dosing equipment
Process Guard

Process Guard

System to evaluate the quality of your wash process.

  • Allows multiple sampling and batch follow-up
  • Analyses different parameters such as temperature, pH, conductivity and water hardness
  • Enables benchmarking with pre-determined parameters
  • Comes with an alarm signal in case of non-conformities
Stock Guard

Stock Guard

Central system to manage your chemical stock efficiently.

  • With real-time control and visualisation of the tank levels
  • User-friendly system for up 16 tanks
  • Features safety and alarm functions
  • Compatible with all sort of tanks
Laundry Dashboard

Laundry Dashboard

IT-solution that gives objective info about the productivity of your laundry.

  • With insights in machine, resources and employee performance
  • Enables performance improvement up to 23%
  • Allows to manage and benchmark between laundries
  • Allows to efficiently manage your long-term partnerships
Transfer Guard

Transfer Guard

Security system for transfer pumping laundry chemicals.

  • 8-step security system
  • Makes it possible to immediately pump the correct product in the correct storage tank
  • Ensures the safety from both the customer and the supplier
  • Uses QR code technology for maximum safety
TBF 300

TBF 300

Manual toolkit to detect biofilm on surfaces.

  • Suited for routine controls
  • Quick results
  • Easy-in-use
  • No false positives
Fresh Check

Fresh Check

Manual toolkit to test the cleanliness and safety of surfaces.

  • Fastest, cheapest and easiest way to confirm that your surfaces are clean.
  • Detects bacteria, chemical residues and food debris
  • Confirming cleanliness with colour change
In-Site OPC

In-Site OPC

Specialist software for the automated monitoring, verification and optimisation of OPC systems in food environments.

  • Online traceability of all parameters involved in the cleaning process.
  • Optimizing the cleaning cost.
  • Measuring critical parameters.

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