Plastic Free July – Leading the way in July and beyond

Plastic Free July is an annual global initiative that encourages people to reduce their use of plastic during the month of July.

For us, at Christeyns, plastic and waste management is an ongoing concern, not just in July. However, we are always thinking about how we can work with even less plastic in a safe and quality way.

As plastic is an ever-present part of our daily lives, it is our duty to find ways to reduce our use of plastic and to provide our customers with solutions to help them reduce their use of plastic. This is why we are actively improving our processes and practices to reduce, reuse, recycle and upcycle our waste.

Solutions can range from finding sustainable alternatives, which means replacing single-use plastics with renewable alternatives, to asking suppliers to help by requesting plastic-free packaging and prioritising bulk deliveries.

In 2023, we disposed of 197 tonnes of plastic and set a target to reduce our total waste by 5% per tonne produced each year. Our actions have resulted in an average annual reduction of almost 20% since the target was set in 2020.

waste and plastic disposal

The philosophy we have when it comes to waste is very simple – we apply the following hierarchy of waste management:

Waste and plastic hierarchy

Changes have been made in procurement to buy goods in bulk rather than in bags where possible, and to buy in IBCs that can be cleaned and re-used over and over again rather than in drums where possible. This is where we believe we can make the biggest difference to our environment and reduce plastic to an absolute minimum.

Discover how we are making a difference! Download our full Sustainability Report today and join us in creating a more sustainable future.

For us, Plastic Free July is a powerful way to highlight the environmental impact of plastic and inspire a change in behaviour. It has inspired us, let it inspire you!

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