Strategic joint venture with True Blue Chemicals in Australia

Christeyns has taken a majority stake in True Blue Chemicals in Australia, effective since July 1st – 2024. This acquisition marks a significant step in Christeyns’ expansion in the Asia-Pacific region.

Heritage of excellence

True Blue Chemicals, established in 1986, is known for high-quality cleaning, maintenance, and hygiene solutions in Australia. Their extensive product range covers industries such as healthcare, hospitality, education, and industrial sectors, ensuring comprehensive hygiene management. With local production facilities in New South Wales, True Blue Chemicals ensures rapid response and consistent supply of Australian-made products nationwide and beyond.

Enhanced capabilities

“True Blue Christeyns will make use of local manufacturing to meet the needs of the Australian market,” says Alain Bostoen, CEO of Christeyns. “This close partnership will expand our product range, incorporating innovations like washing with ozone (Rapid-O) and solids for dishwashing (DUO Solid), and enable us to provide advanced services and equipment.” The extensive GREEN’R range, reflects Christeyns’ commitment to environmentally friendly and highly effective solutions with a portfolio of more than 100 eco-labeled products.

Leadership continuity

Brad Macdougall, Managing Director of True Blue Chemicals, comments, “Christeyns’ expertise aligns perfectly with our commitment to quality and innovation. This new collaboration will enhance our ability to support customers in meeting regulatory, environmental, and operational challenges.” Jenny McAuley will continue as General Manager, ensuring stability and continuity in the company’s operations. The joint venture will also focus on introducing new activities such as Commercial Textile Care and Food & Beverage Hygiene, supported by dedicated teams from Christeyns.

Sustainable solutions

Christeyns and True Blue Chemicals are committed to helping customers “Do More with Less,” promoting sustainability by reducing chemical, water, energy, and time consumption, and minimizing CO2 footprints. This commitment to sustainability aligns with global trends and regulatory demands, providing customers with solutions that are not only efficient but also environmentally responsible.

Commitment to quality and innovation

The partnership between Christeyns and True Blue Chemicals is set to deliver exceptional value to customers, combining Christeyns’ global expertise and innovative technologies with TBCH’s strong local presence and market knowledge. This collaboration aims to enhance customer satisfaction by offering high-quality, sustainable, and efficient hygiene solutions.

Family-owned business

This coming together of two respected family businesses unlocks significant growth potential across all markets, with both having a long history built on the values of honesty, integrity, loyalty, hard work, and professionalism.  “Partnering with a company with the global track record, resources and best in class innovation & technology of Christeyns, will allow the business to fast track our growth in the Australian market, whilst still remaining true to our trusted distribution partners and clients across the country,” says Managing Director, Brad Macdougall.


The new joint venture will be called ‘True Blue Christeyns’ and will continue to be based in Sydney.



True Blue Christeyns

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