Technical webinar “how to save costs while still guaranteeing food safety”

On 30th September from 10:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., CHRISTEYNSorganises a technical webinar on how to save costs while still guaranteeing food safety. Aware of the current crisiswith the increase in energy and raw material prices, among others, we offer the keys to reduce costs in cleaning and disinfection tasks in the food industry without compromising food safety.
The webinar will be in English, but the different slides can be automatically translated into different languages via Teams.

With short, to-the-point presentations, various industry specialistswill outline the current situation, as well as provide a look at the tools needed to reduce consumption of water, energy, time and chemicals. The technical seminar is aimed at all types of professionals in the food industry.

Programme webinar

We kick off with a presentation by Karin Goodburn MBE, Chief Executive of the Chilled Food Association. Illustrated with some practical cases, she will focus on the importance of maintaining hygiene vigilance in order to avoid food insecurity and the consequent proliferation of food poisoning, as well as the reputation loss of the producer.

Next, Fernando Lorenzo, R&D manager at CHRISTEYNS FOOD, will discuss how overall hygiene costs can be optimised with the right choice of chemicals for cleaning and disinfection, while still ensuring food safety.

Process optimisation in both OPC and CIP will be addressed by Liselotte de Ridder, Applications and Market Support at CHRISTEYNS, and Peter Littleton, Technical Director at CHRISTEYNS

Jaime Balbastre, Engineering Service Manager at CHRISTEYNS ESPAÑA will discuss about the advantages of implementing automated systems in the cleaning and disinfection processesallowing savings of up to 40% in water and chemicals, as well as significant time savings.

And CHRISTEYNS R&D Manager Microbiology, Maria Sanz, will talk about early detection of microorganisms and biofilms, crucial to ensure food safety and quality and to save costs for manufacturers.

The seminar will end with the presentation of a series of quick application tips, as well as a question and answer session.

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