This must be what paradise smells like

How to get rid of unpleasant smells in delicate textiles? Thanks to Pro-Fit Fusion, you will be able to eliminate the most unpleasant odours in special care fabrics.

This new and high-tech fabric softener features extraordinary malodour capturing properties and traps odours such as smoke, sweat and humidity, leaving a long lasting tropical fragrance for the end user.  Therefore, Pro-Fit Fusion can also perfectly be used for softening non-delicate textiles where elimination of unpleasant odours is required, especially after drying.

What causes bad odours?

But what triggers these unpleasant odours? One of the most common complaints is a musty smell. Pauline Debaisieux, Operations Manager for C&W in America-Europe-Morocco explains: “This musty smell often emerges when clothes are being stored while still being damp, allowing the formation of mold and mildew. Another mistake people tend to make when storing seasonal clothing is to use plastic bags. Plastic bags can trap moisture, which will also lead to mold or mildew and thus an unpleasant smell. It is therefore very important to have air flowing through your clothing. Wardrobes that are overpacked or being closed for a long time will also trigger a damp smell. Especially clothing made of natural fibers need to breathe.”

Microencapsulated fragrances

Besides personal clothing, carpets can also benefit from our Pro-Fit Fusion fabric softener, as carpets can contain lingering odours of pets or smoke. In particular a smoke smell can be persistent after a home fire, as it clings to soft fabrics such as carpets, upholstery and drapery. Thanks to the microencapsulated fragrances of Pro-Fit Fusion, smoke molecules are trapped and replaced with a long lasting sweet tropical perfume.

Wetcleaning portfolio

With Pro-Fit Fusion, our Gentle Care division Cole and Wilson, has now two fabric softeners in its wetcleaning portfolio. Both softeners contain microencapsulated fragrances, from which the end user can benefit greatly.  Whereas Pro-Fit Everfresh releases notes of flowers, Pro-Fit Fusion is characterised by a delightful scent that combines sweet coconut with exotic island fruits. In this way Pro-Fit Fusion evokes memories of sun-warmed white sand beaches with palm trees. In short, the scent of paradise.

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