Fright Night

Halloween is upon us and it’s time for costumes, pumpkins, scary masks and fake blood.

No doubt like most years, there will be the last minute scramble for a costume, shops have sold out and you need to produce something quick.

So, in Blue Peter fashion, it’s not that difficult to make your own. Dig out some old bedsheets and a good pair of scissors and off you go. Whether for you or a young Trick or Treater, we’ve got Halloween sorted.

Here are some ideas to get you started:


Cut up an old bedsheet into strips, 10cm wide is a good size and long as the sheet length will permit. If you have time you can spray with weak tea for a weathered look . Start from the feet up and wrap the sheet lengths around legs, arms, torso and head and secure with safety pins from underneath, tying some bits for a raggedy look. Complete your Mummy look with some creative face painting.

Tip: good to wear white leggings (or tights) and top underneath.

Ghostly goings-on

The bed-sheet ghost is always an easy option. It doesn’t even require much sewing if you have a sheet big enough. Place the sheet over the head and mark on the eye holes. If you attach the sheet to a beanie with some big stitches that you can easily take out later, the sheet will stay in place.

Tip: If you want to make the eye holes more interesting, but some see-through mesh fabric or lace on the inside of the sheet.

Bride of Frankenstein

You will need a large white sheet for this, the longer the better. Fold it in half width ways (so across the length), find the middle and make a hole for your head. Slip in over your head and cut further to create the neckline, it will be higher at the back.

You then need a helper to put in the pleats at the back. Safety pins needed for this. At about 8cm out from the neckline make a pleat of 6cm of material, fold over and pin. Do this to the outside of each edge of the sheet. You can pin the sides or stitch if you don’t want it hanging loose. Use some strips of sheet to wrap around the arms .

Finish off the outfit with some face paint – stitches and some dark eye make up. Plus a beehive wig or put your hair up.

Tip: add accessories – such as a veil or bouquet of (dead) flowers, grey or silver hair colour.

So there you have it, a Happy Halloween from us.

And being the cleaning experts that we are, we can help you get rid of any Halloween stains – sticky, bright coloured sweets and fake blood included. See our previous posts.

Even the dog can join in.

Image credits:

Ghost – Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash
Frankenstein’s Bride courtesy of Wikipedia.

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