The world’s first gin made with purified laundry wastewater

Our partners at HydRO Global Solution and Sterkstokers distillery believe that it is possible to make better-tasting gin using HydRO for laundries technology. At the recent EXPOdetergo International laundry exhibition, we gave away bottles of gin made with treated wastewater which were so popular, we’ve now released another 500 bottles for sale online!

From wastewater to gin

But HydRO Gin is more than just a novelty drink. The Hydro Global Solution’s HydRO technology – made available through our joint venture with Veride – enables industrial laundries to reuse at least 80% of their wastewater, transforming it into best quality water as potable as tap water. In fact, BELAC-accredited laboratory Normec Foodcontrol in Belgium has confirmed that the treated wastewater meets drinking water standards. The result is a soft, mineral-free water that is ideal for producing high-quality gin. Master distiller Thomas Cuyvers of Sterkstokers confirms that when it comes to spirits, “the softer the water, the purer and tastier.”

Reduce water usage

By producing HydRO Gin, we’re not only highlighting the possibilities of using purified wastewater in the Textile Care industry, but also promoting sustainable water management. By using innovative solutions like HydRO technology, industries can become more environmentally friendly and reduce their water usage.

Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer! Purchase HydRO gin for €36 per half-liter bottle through Sterkstokers’ webshop (only available for Belgium, The Netherlands and France). And if you’re curious about how HydRO gin is made, be sure to watch our video.