Team up for safety – Expert training from the Christeyns Academy

Team up for safety – Food Safety is a shared responsibility

At Christeyns Food Hygiene we are committed to supporting World Food Safety Day which will be celebrated this year on June 7th.  Over the next couple weeks as we lead up to this day, we will be sharing a series of articles to illustrate the part we play as an organisation; who we are, what we do, how we support our customers in the food manufacturing sector, our technical expertise, as well as sharing valuable resources to support you with your contribution to food safety.

Expert training from the Christeyns Academy

One of the key drivers to guarantee 100% food safety within your manufacturing site is to ensure your employees are adequately trained.  From the moment they step into your factory, workers should learn, understand and apply good manufacturing practices. Of course they should be aware of personal hygiene requirements, the importance of cleaning and disinfecting, how to avoid cross-contamination, food hazards etc. All of these measures are crucial to ensuring that work is undertaken in the correct manner to ensure safety of the food/beverage being produced.  But there are many other reasons why high-quality, relevant training is important:

  • You are making an investment in your employees and it shows that they are valued. You are developing their skills and knowledge and giving them the opportunity to progress in their role.
  • This leads to a higher sense of job satisfaction and a happy worker is a productive worker!
  • Workers are motivated; having the opportunity to learn creates a desire to learn more as well as the ability to pass on skills and knowledge to others. It creates a learning culture.
  • It empowers individuals and inspires confidence.
  • Good training does not just show you how to do your job, it teaches why your role is important – and why you are important.
  • Good training triggers improved performance which in turn increases the overall success of the company. It’s a win-win situation.

So how can Christeyns Food Hygiene support you with your employee training and development?

The Christeyns Academy is here for anyone working in the food manufacturing sector.  We offer an annual schedule of classroom based training courses which are delivered by our BRCGS approved training partners.  These courses are delivered at our training centre in Warrington, or at your site.  Even during the lockdown period we have been able to continue to support our customers by delivering live training via a virtual classroom.

Additionally we have an e-learning package comprising of a Training Management System to support your training administration, as well as a catalogue of over 100 e-learning courses to choose from.

But it is not just our training courses you can benefit from.  We provide a full training consultation service and workforce assessment to help you plan your training programme.  If you would like to know more about this then please do get in touch.  (see below).

What do our customers say about the Christeyns Academy?

“I am already benefitting from the course.  It was a brilliant experience” A.M. – Lye Cross Farm, Level 3 HACCP course April 2020 (delivered via virtual classroom)

“Thank you for this training.  Found loads of good new points to take back to my role.  I think that it was perfect!”  R.R. – Muller, CIP Training November 2019

“Each aspect of the programme has been beneficial to me.  Damian was a fantastic tutor – very knowledgeable and thorough.”  K.H. – Warrington Borough Council, Level 3 Award in Food Safety Supervision for Manufacturing, December 2019

If you would like to know more about how Christeyns Food Hygiene can support your food business, get in touch with us at or by calling 01925 234696 and ask to speak to any of the BDM who will be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

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