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Hygiene verification is one of the most important steps in the sanitisation process. CHRISTEYNS has developed three rapid tests designed to be used after a cleaning and disinfection operation.

Applied as a spray on test surfaces, these tests are available to detect biofilms and also the presence of different contaminants on surfaces. The have the advantage of enabling visual inspection of contaminated areas.




TBF 300

A quick, test for controlling the presence of any type of biofilms in surfaces.

The  TBF  300  spray  can  confirm  biofilm  presence  with  a  fuchsia  reagent.  Inspect  the  treated  surface:  a  presence  of  colored areas indicates the presence of a biofilm. At the end of the test, rinse the treated surface well to remove any trace of the reagent.






A test for detection of contamination on surfaces, including many microorganisms and some food residues.

The  BioFinder  spray  can  confirm  hygiene  with  a  reaction.  A  positive  result  immediately  generates  micro-bubbles,  producing a white foam. If no foam production is observed after 60 seconds, the result is negative.





A test for detection of low levels of contamination, either microbiological or chemical.

Fresh Check detect bacteria, excess chemicals  and  food  debris  with  a  simple  colour change – if it does not stay purple, you need  to  clean  again.