Liam Humphrey’s talks Apprenticeships for Bradford Manufacturing Weeks 2021

“I’ve seen both sides of the coin – university and an apprenticeship. After a couple of months studying sport at university, I realised it wasn’t the career path for me. I’d always enjoyed making things in technology at school so turned my thoughts to becoming an engineer and started looking into apprenticeships which is when I found Christeyns UK.

“Since then, everything has fallen into place perfectly which shows it’s ok to make big decisions in your life which can be daunting but ultimately, turn out for the best. It’s not about the action, it’s about the re-action and to keep moving forwards.”

Liam Humphreys joined Christeyns on a two-year manufacturing engineering apprenticeship, focussing on powder production, liquid production and warehousing tasks while also experiencing different departments including purchasing, customer services and the lab.

“After spending time across the business, I knew that maintenance was the area I wanted to focus on and after a short, additional trial, I was offered an apprenticeship with the team.”

Now in his final year of a four-year scheme, Liam was already established in his apprenticeship when Bradford Manufacturing Weeks was launched in 2018, but over the years has been involved in factory and departmental tours for school groups to give a valuable insight into the business and the day-to-day tasks.

Bradford Manufacturing Weeks was launched by Bradford Chamber of Commerce and co-ordinated by career specialists The Opportunity Centre, to bring manufacturers, schools  young people together through tours, work experience, seminars, exhibitions and learning events held at manufacturer premises and key locations across the district.

Christeyns UK has been involved in Bradford Manufacturing Weeks every year since its inception.

“It’s incredibly rewarding showing school pupils around our business – they are the next generation of potential manufacturers and our industry is so complex and diverse, the students are always surprised by what they see.

Career-wise, I now have increased responsibility in decision making and job planning and I’ve broadened out to managing all the admin related to the department.

“My focus is ensuring I complete my apprenticeship to the best level possible – once that milestone is reached, I am considering going to an emerging leader’s course which could potentially give me the skills to become the team leader of the maintenance department in years to come.”

Bradford Manufacturing Weeks begins on Monday 4th October and runs until Friday 15th October. Led by West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce with primary sponsorship from Barclays and additional sponsorship from Naylor Wintersgill, E3 Recruitment, LCF Law and Bradford Council, Bradford Manufacturing Weeks has created more than 12,000 manufacturing experiences for the district’s 14-18 year-old students since its launch in 2018.