Hygiene specialist re-opens production unit in double-quick time

Warrington based Christeyns Food Hygiene, who manufacture and install hygiene solutions for the food, dairy and beverage industries, has re-opened its ethanol-based hand hygiene production facility.

Christeyns Food Hygiene has taken its specialist flammables unit out of mothballs and prepared it for operation in just three days.  Unit 2 at the company’s base in Winwick Quay, Warrington, was originally set up to produce Phago’rub Gel and Solution SPS products but closed in September 2019.

“The unit was shut down as we prepared for alternative supply from our sister-production facility in France,” explains Senior Chemist Mike Taylor.  “However, with hand disinfection products in such short supply, we wanted to do all we could to get the unit up and running again.”

The Health and Safety Executive and Environment Agency were notified of the re-opening and COMAH documentation was prepared to update relevant risk assessments and emergency procedures. Christeyns Food Hygiene also had their alcohol licences upgraded by HMRC as a priority case.

A full equipment check followed, taking all the essential plant out of mothballs and back into circulation.  Electrics, weighing and extraction systems were re-tested, flooring re-sealed and a full clean carried out.  New procedures had to be put in place for the production of the 5 litre packs, with capacity for up to 1200 litres per batch.

“On a normal shift day, we can produce two batches, so up to 2,400 litres of hand gel or solution and we have secured future deliveries of all the key ingredients so as to ensure continued production, and where possible, extend production shifts,” continues Mike.

Christeyns’ Phago’rub brand is a top-quality range of highly active products. They contain pure raw materials and contain components such as a blend of skin conditioning agents to ensure they achieve frequent use and hypoallergenic status and are suitable for medical use.

Completed just in time, the firm are able to fully utilise the newly refurbished and upgraded flammable warehouse in Unit 10, providing safe storage for the hand disinfection products.  The finished goods are being distributed using Christeyns’ fleet of vehicles as well as via distribution partners, covering the whole of the UK, including Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, Orkneys and Isle of Man as well as the Republic of Ireland.

The firm continues to produce its water based, non-microbiological Hand Soap and Mousse in the main factory as well as Sanisafe M, which is microbiologically active and dispensed via modern foam units.

Christeyns Food Hygiene provides innovative hygiene solutions, chemicals and monitoring systems, as well as specialised technical support for the food, dairy and beverage industry that ensure compliance with procedures, legislation and industry codes of practice.