Hygiene in the poultry industry

The bacteria causing the largest number of zoonotic outbreaks is Campylobacter, followed by Salmonella. Listeria does not cause the largest number of outbreaks, but its mortality is the highest. Other microorganisms that we can find in the poultry processing plants are E. Coli and Staphylococcus spp. Obviously, Pseudomonas is the most common spoilage microorganisms which can affect the organoleptic quality of the product.

Proper application of hygiene procedures together with the choice of cleaning and disinfection products designed for this type of facility is essential to ensure food safety.


The right hygiene partner

An experienced partner like Christeyns provides the right chemistry, knowledge and advice exclusively for your situation.

Our product range, developed by the CHRISTEYNS R&D team, comprises a select group of products, which can be adapted to the characteristics and needs of the poultry industry. Products are designed to be low dose, optimising both the application conditions and the results, by using conductivity to automatically control dosing.

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