Green’R Superconcentrates: a unique cleaning system for Professional Hygiene

Saving time and money, while cleaning green.

With over 75 years of experience in professional cleaning, Christeyns wants to clean smart. Daily cleaning routines don’t have to be difficult or time consuming and hygiene professionals want to trust on qualitative products and user-friendly systems. That is also where the Green’R Superconcentrates concept aims at.

Green’R Superconcentrates is a total concept for professional cleaning and disinfection in a quick, safe and efficient way. The concept consists of 6 ultra concentrated cleaning agents for interior, sanitary, floor and kitchen cleaning, and comes with a unique dosing system that allows the products to be dosed with precision. Together with reusable and ergonomic spray bottles and a user friendly system of colours, numbers and symbols, these elements form an intelligent solution for hygienic and safe environments.