Every drop counts – Christeyns UK’s water saving initiatives

Saving water has long been a priority for hygiene chemical specialist Christeyns, so every drop counts when it comes to their water saving initiatives.

An initiative introduced by the firm is the reuse of ‘wash-out’ water.

Chemical product is delivered and transferred from 1000 litre IBC’s to customer storage facilities using pumping equipment, which needs to be washed out between products to avoid cross-contamination.

Previously, the wash-out water was recovered, mixed together and brought back to the Christeyns hub in Bradford where it was collected for disposal by a waste removal company.

In order to avoid this wastage and also cut down on cost, each type of wash-out water is now saved separately in the IBC of the original chemical, and on return to Bradford, is re-used in the production of the same chemical type.

Thus minimising the amount of effluent water that needs to be taken away for disposal and the amount of water used in production.

The liquid production department uses blending tank wash-out water from previously productions on-site and drivers’ wash-out water, from customer deliveries, in the production of a range of products.

In 2019, 396,000 litres of wash-out water were used in place of mains water – a huge reduction in water usage.

Christeyns is very aware that saving water is crucial for the future of the planet but also for the industry in being able to continue to provide high standards of service whilst keeping utility costs low.

It’s a win win for all concerned.