Christeyns acquires ITRAM (Barcelona, Spain)

We are glad to announce the acquisition of ITRAM Higiene, Spanish manufacturer of hygiene products for the food industry.

ITRAM Higiene, based in the Barcelona region, was founded by Mr. Martiriá Latorre in 2005. The company fully focuses on the food and beverage industry with a wide range of high quality cleaning and disinfecting products. Over the years the business developed in Spain, but also internationally, thanks to continued innovation notably in the field of biofilm detection and elimination. With a team of highly skilled technicians serving specialized hygiene distributors all over the world, the company has grown strongly, achieving about 4 million turnover in 2020.

Stronger portfolio

Christeyns entered the Spanish food hygiene market some years ago through the acquisition of hygiene specialist Betelgeux, based in the Valencia region. The whole team of Itram will join the Christeyns-Betelgeux organization, making this even stronger, better positioned to serve both its customers across the Spanish territory and distributors worldwide, with an even stronger portfolio of innovative solutions.

Solid partners in food hygiene

Mr. Latorre, who will join Christeyns-Betelgeux as Deputy Director of the food division says: ‘I am really happy to have found in Christeyns a solid partner for my company, a family business with long term growth ambitions that welcome my team, and where we will be able to continue to grow and develop our business together in the coming years.’

Strong together

Mr. Ramon Bertó, managing director of the joint company added: ‘We are all very much looking forward to welcoming the expert team from Itram into our company. With the acquisition of ITRAM we are stronger and smarter, and we feel we will benefit, not only as Spanish company, but as the whole Christeyns group from the innovations Itram brought to the market.’

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