Cart Sanitiser – Easy Sanitation of Shopping Trolley


Covid-19 has changed our daily life and forces us to develop new habits that were not there before. At the basis of COVID-19 protection and prevention lies a thorough and regular hygiene routine. Especially in busy environments like supermarkets and shopping malls, safeguarding hygiene poses a real challenge. With our automatic Cart Sanitiser, your customers can get a thoroughly disinfected shopping cart within seconds.  Shopping has never been so safe!

The Cart Sanitiser is a device for the sanitisation of shopping carts in supermarkets and shopping centres. As the dimensions are fully adaptable to customer needs, the device suits all types of metal or plastic carts. Sanitising the cart is performed with a rapidly evaporating disinfectant solution and is very easy :

  1. The customer pushes the shopping cart towards the back of the Cart Sanitiser.
  2. He/she makes sure the handle is positioned underneath the cart disinfection unit.
  3. A sensor detects the presence of the cart.
  4. The customer then puts his hand into the hand disinfection unit. When the sensor detects the hand, a spray nozzle automatically doses the hand disinfectant.
  5. The removal of the hand triggers the cart disinfection unit to start spraying the disinfectant on the handle (via 2 nozzles). In the meantime, the customer disinfects his/her hands.
  6. The customer takes the disinfected handle and slowly pulls back the cart so that the rest can be disinfected.

This whole disinfection process takes only a few seconds and avoids the need for supermarket staff to disinfect the shopping carts.

With some simple modifications the device can also be applied by the staff to disinfect entire rows of shopping carts at once, at the end of the shift.