Auto-dosing with Cole & Wilson

When a new customer has decided to use Cole & Wilson liquid products, depending on whether it is a new site, or a current site that just needs to change from their old supplier to ours, in order to ensure the changeover goes without a glitch, the following information is required:

  • What classifications they are washing – i.e. domestic linen or commercial.
  • Decide a suitable location for the chemicals for dosing – suitable for the customer, and for efficient pumping of the chemical to the washers.
  • Ensure the correct supplies are in place, i.e. power for pumps, water supply for pumps if chemical flush used.

On the day of installation, the following is done to ensure the correct results are achieved and customer satisfaction is ensured:

  • Setup wash programs depending on machine types, whether programmable or fixed wash programs
  • Setup chemical dosing to ensure they achieve the correct wash results
  • If we are removing old pumps, ensure that the installation is done minimalising the downtime for the customer, especially in busy times
  • When pumps are installed, ensure the equipment is properly calibrated to make sure the correct chemical levels are achieved
  • Put machine program lists on washers to aid the correct selection of wash processes
  • Put labelling on chemical drums to ensure correct drums are used when changing empty drums
  • Ensure staff have full training on the system including chemical handling training to minimise the risk to them when changing over chemical drums (COSHH training)
  • Monitor wash results and tweak chemistry accordingly where necessary
  • Ensure dosing systems are regularly maintained to ensure consistent wash results are achieved

All this has ensured Cole & Wilson provide our customers with a fully professional system and setup, and helps our customers achieve excellent wash results, giving our and their customers complete satisfaction.