A Summary of the New Labelling Regulations

On 20th January 2009 new European Legislation came into force to eventually replace the Dangerous Preparations Directive (DPD) and is known as EC No 1272/2008, the Classification, Labelling and Packaging of substances and mixtures, or CLP for short.

This new CLP legislation adopts a system introduced by the United Nations, which is known as the “Globally Harmonised System (GHS) on the classification and labelling of chemicals”. The goal of the Global Harmonised System is to standardise the classifications of chemical mixtures and substances across the world to help improve health and safety in the handling and use of chemicals. The GHS is adopted in many ways around the world and is heavily influenced by the old EU system, the Dangerous Preparations Directive.

Those familiar with the Dangerous Preparations Directive will be familiar with the Orange box symbols and Risk and Safety Phrases. Under the new CLP Legislation these elements are being replaced with red diamonds (known as pictograms) and Hazard and Precautionary statements respectively. A new signal word, either “Danger” or “Warning” will also appear on all labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), replacing the indications of danger which accompanied the orange boxes, such as “Flammable” or “Dangerous for the Environment”.

All of Klenzan’s products are currently being reclassified according to the CLP legislation and new labels will be applied to its products from the 1st June 2015. Revised Safety Data Sheets are also being prepared. The rules of CLP are generally more stringent that the Dangerous Product Directive and thus some products may be assigned a seemingly higher classification. Products already labelled according to the DPD can still be legally sold until 1stJune 2017, so although Klenzan will change the labels for newly made products from 1stJune 2015, existing labelled stock will still be valid.

The new CLP legislation will see a large number of changes for both manufacturers and customers alike. However Klenzan hopes to make these changes as straightforward as possible for its customers and help reduce the impact of the changes on day to day business.

Any further questions on the new legislation may be directed to Klenzan’s Technical Department via email (Michelle@klenzan.co.uk) or Phone 01925 234696.