Looking for an integrated cleaning approach? We go for a 360° hygiene solution with total concepts, offering answers in key areas such as water savings, energy savings and product savings.

Cool Chemistry Hospitality

Cool Chemistry Hospitality

Wash concept featuring lower temperatures, mild pH and low conductivity.

  • Combination of high-performing chemicals and a well-balanced wash process
  • Cool Box for the on-site production of bleach
  • Spectacular whiteness
  • Disinfection properties from 40°C onwards
  • EU Ecolabel, Nordic Swan


Robust wash concept for flat linen in hospitality and healthcare laundries.

  • Combination of ecological detergents and water-and energy-saving equipment
  • water & energy savings up to 60%
  • Easy to integrate in existing water flows
  • Adaptable to all degrees of soiling
  • EU Ecolabel


Cold wash concept using ozone technology to wash light to medium soiled textiles in washer extractors up to 220 kg.

  • Combination of chemicals and ozone technology
  • Speed-O Box to generate ozone
  • Ozone monitor for optimal safety
  • Up to 50% shorter wash cycles
  • Less textile damage

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