Improve your wastewater quality and save on costs using EPIC

Your benefits?

  • Reduce COD and BOD levels
  • Save on wastewater costs
  • Comply with strict wastewater limits
  • Accurately remove stains with micro-dosing
  • Lower your carbon footprint

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    The concept

    Enzymatic Process Innovation by Christeyns – or simply EPIC – is an innovative detergency system boosted by enzyme technology. Thanks to this technology you will be able to improve your wastewater quality. EPIC will ensure that the load in the wastewater (e.g. COD, BOD,…) is reduced by 20% to 30%.

    How? By reducing the amount of surfactants and by adding biological enzymes. This results in better wastewater quality and thus lower wastewater costs.

    EPIC is a flexible detergency system. This means you can implement it quite easily in your current PureSan or Cool Chemistry wash process, by changing only the detergents. This means you will not only keep the advantages of these wash processes, you will also benefit from the savings it brings to your wastewater bill.

    Enzyme technology requires high-tech equipment for micro-dosing

    How does it work?

    Working with enzymes requires expertise and accuracy. Years of research and tests have led to the development of the EPIC detergent system. These EPIC mixtures are produced on site at the customer’s premises to be dosed very precisely and safely directly into the tunnel washer or washer extractor. This is done by means of an in-house developed and high-tech unit, which was given the name EPIX. Thanks to this EPIX unit , doses from 0.05 grams per kilogram of textile can be dosed, depending on the type of stain (e.g. greasy stain) and the soiling degree.

    Thanks to these tailor-made EPIC mixtures, targeted stain removal is guaranteed at the lowest chemical impact. Even for the most heavily soiled linen, only a small dosage is required. No more overdosing out of fear of rewash. EPIC is suitable for all kind of classifications such as hospitality, healthcare, white workwear and restaurant linen.

    And don’t forget your carbon footprint. Because enzymes have a biological origin and because of the low dosages, you end up with a carbon footprint that is up to 20% lower compared to standard washing processes!

    Sustainable water management

    With EPIC you implement a holistic approach on saving costs and improving wastewater quality. As EPIC brings about lower levels of surfactant concentration, further water saving is still possible. This lower wastewater load also means a huge advantage for water treatment and recycling systems such as “HydRO for laundries”.

    Contact us today and let us help you tackle the main challenges you face in respect to water management: the cost of wastewater and the need to comply with ever stricter wastewater limits.

    EPIC has already been successfully implemented in Europe:

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