Do you want to reduce your water consumption and lower your effluent bills?

HydRO for laundries is the solution!

Your benefits?

  • Reduction of fresh water consumption by at least 80%
  • Significant savings in discharge costs
  • Best water quality for the wash process and boiler house
  • Lower CO2-impact
  • Effluent free of micro-plastics, heavy metals & bacteria
  • Constant water availability

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    The concept

    HydRO for laundries is a plug-&-play solution delivered in container units that house a technical installation for water recovery, treatment and recycling. In short, the system provides ultra-pure water for your laundry operations.

    How does it work?

    The HydRO unit collects and treats polluted streams of wastewater from the washhouse. This treatment includes iron removal, water softening and reverse osmosis. In addition, a heat-exchanger also becomes redundant as the reclaimed water has a temperature of 40°C.

    Besides treating the process water, HydRO for laundries also purifies it by filtering out all substances such as micro-plastics, heavy metals and bacteria.

    Thanks to the treatment and purification of the process water, at least 80% can be reclaimed. This reclaimed water is water of the best quality for both the wash process and boiler house.

    Breakthrough innovation

    In an era where industrial laundries use fresh water volumes ranging anywhere from 4 to 10 litres per kg linen, HydRO for laundries allows laundries to reduce their fresh water consumption by at least 80%. In combination with effective rainwater collection, this HydRO technology enables the reduction of fresh water consumption to only 0,5 litre per kg of linen.

    HydRO for laundries has already been successfully implemented in the BeNeLux:

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