Enhance Your Operations with Smart Glasses Technology

Is downtime causing problems for your operations? Christeyns CONNECT offers seamless collaboration between our remote experts and your on-site technicians. Through our innovative “see-what-I-see” experience using smart glasses technology, we can quickly and easily solve any issues, allowing you to resume operations in no time.

How it Works

When you need assistance, simply activate your smart glasses with the built-in camera and connect to Christeyns CONNECT. Our experts will have real-time access to what your on-site technician is seeing, guiding them visually to solve the problem. This results in faster problem identification, cost-effective solutions, and reduced downtime.
christeyns connect headset

Built to Withstand Any Environment

Christeyns CONNECT is equipped with cutting-edge AR smart glasses technology, including the RealWear Navigator 500. These high-definition glasses are designed for use in loud environments and come with hands-free voice commands for easy and safe operation. The RealWear smart glasses are dust and damp resistant, ensuring their durability even in challenging conditions. Our starting package includes everything you need, including software installation and training.
dust resistant
Dust resistant

damp resistant
Damp resistant

hands free


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Christeyns Connect replace on-site service?

A: No, on-site service will still be available, but Christeyns CONNECT can be used for remote surveys and follow-ups. In emergencies, our remote experts can swiftly provide assistance.

Q: Can I use my existing smart glasses?

A: We highly recommend the RealWear AR smart glasses, specifically designed for Christeyns CONNECT. These smart glasses come with the Christeyns CONNECT software already installed. Optionally, these smart glasses can be equipped with a thermal camera module.

Q: Can I wear the glasses over my prescription glasses?

A: Absolutely! The RealWear smart glasses are designed to be worn comfortably over prescription glasses, safety glasses, or hard hats, ensuring the safety of the wearer.

Q: Can I connect with other suppliers?

A: Of course. You can send your supplier an invite to join you on the Christeyns CONNECT platform.

flexible collaboration

Flexible Collaboration

Our remote experts seamlessly work with your on-site technicians to solve problems
faster diagnosis

Faster Diagnosis

With real-time visual guidance, issues are identified and resolved quickly
improved safety

Improved Safety

The compatibility with personal protective equipment ensures the safety of your team.

Increased Productivity

Swift problem-solving and reduced downtime lead to improved efficiency.
easy information sharing

Easy Information Sharing

Collaborate effortlessly and share crucial information with our innovative technology.

Christeyns Connect

With Christeyns CONNECT, connecting with other suppliers and our team has never been easier. Just one click and you’re connected.

Discover the transformative power of Christeyns CONNECT and take your operations to new heights. Contact us today.