Christeyns has a complete range of effective and efficient products for the food industry. We are able to meet our customers’ requirements with the highest levels of safety and offer customised solutions that respond to the specific problems of each type of food industry.


Foaming agents for surface cleaning and disinfection.


Controlled foam products for CIP and automatic machines.


Wide range of disinfectants for all hygiene needs in the food industry.


Advanced portfolio for specialised membrane cleaning.


Automatic cleaning for washing machines and conveyor belts. Hygiene through cavitation.


Hygiene control: detection all type of contamination


Specific hygiene products to maintain proper personal hygiene at work.

Open plant Cleaning (OPC)

Food processing under appropriate hygienic and sanitary conditions requires the cleaning and disinfection of work surfaces. The surfaces of installations and machinery, whether horizontal or vertical (floors, walls, tables, machinery, etc.) and whether in contact with food or not, are described as open surfaces.

Proper cleaning and disinfection is a very important measure to control microbiological contamination, to avoid the presence of pathogens and to extend the shelf life of the products.

Foaming detergents shall be used for cleaning OPEN SURFACES. The application of detergents in the form of foam increases the contact time between the product and the surface, thus optimizing the action/time ratio in cleaning. For this type of application, CHRISTEYNS offers alkaline detergents, chlorinated detergents and neutral detergents.

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Cleaning in Place (CIP)

Cleaning of circuits is carried out by CIP (cleaning in place) systems. The cleaning of CIP circuits requires specialised products for cleaning in place, which can circulate with high turbulence and without foaming, ensuring the correct removal of any remaining dirt and providing maximum cleaning and disinfection.

Christeyns’s range of products for CIP circuits includes products for the different phases of the cleaning cycles: ALKALINE PHASE, ACID PHASE and DISINFECTION, also including additives that can be incorporated directly into caustic soda and acids.

E-catalogue: CIP cleaning products


Christeyns’ wide range of surface disinfectants offers solutions for all hygiene needs in the food industry. Our disinfectants for the food industry have a wide range of biocidal active substances to successfully solve any microbiological contamination problem on open surfaces.

We also offer circuit disinfectant products to eliminate microbiological contamination inside CIP systems. This is made possible by the ability of these disinfectant cleaners to automatically control their dosage by measuring conductivity.

Furthermore, we offer disinfectants for automatic washing machines to eliminate microbiological contamination in cheese moulds, crates, bottles, etc.

E-catalogue: Disinfection products

Disinfection with peracetic acid

Peracetic acid (PAA) is an excellent antimicrobial agent that is very effective against a wide range of microorganisms and can be used in multiple applications, such as disinfection, bleaching, technological adjuvant, and water treatment among others.

It can be used for closed systems as well as for open surfaces in food industries and livestock farms. It can also be used as an environmental disinfectant.

Christeyns as the European leader in the production of peracetic acid with more than 25 years of experience, has a wide range of proven PAA products. The company works in close cooperation with industry associations such as CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council). Christeyns is a founding member of Peracetic Acid Registration (PAR). PAR members are the only companies that can claim disinfectant properties for their peracetic acid detergent.

Advantages of peracetic acid

• High biocidal capacity and broad spectrum of action, even in the presence of organic residues.
• They do not generate hazardous waste.
• Sparkling or non-sparkling.
• Possibility to determine the dose by conductivity.
• Use by professional staff.
• Low cost.

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Airborne Disinfection / Fogging Cleaning

Surface and room area disinfection (ASD) is a very appropriate technology to complete cleaning and disinfection processes, as it can reach critical areas that would be difficult to access with traditional techniques. DSVA ensures fast, reliable, and safe disinfection of spaces such as offices, laboratories, and production areas in the food industry.

This type of disinfection is applied by means of cold fogging equipment using compressed air as the driving force. Depending on the nozzle, a particle size of approximately 30 μm is achieved, which occupies the entire volume of the rooms where it is applied. The disinfectant is dispersed in the form of small mist-like droplets to form a fog.

The most common disinfectants for this application are usually quaternary ammonium, hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid and glutaraldehyde.

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Dry disinfection

Dry disinfection is ideal for use in food and beverage handling areas where the presence of moisture is undesirable. As it does not require application equipment, it allows for reduced labour investment and extended production schedules in the room.

Airborne dry disinfection using smoke particles is the most accurate way to disperse active substances in a food processing area for total microbial control.

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Membrane Cleaning

Filtration is a physical procedure that allows the separation of different molecules present in a liquid according to their size. After use, the processor needs to clean the membranes. In order to clean the filters, we need to know the characteristics of the soiling and the water, in addition we must understand the type of membranes and materials used in the plant.

Christeyns Food Hygiene has developed a portfolio of specialist membrane cleaning chemicals. The chemicals are suitable for use with spiral wound, thin film composite membranes, plate and frame and ceramic style filtration plants.

The cleaning system comprises alkali, acid and enzyme technology specifically developed to remove complex soil types in the dairy, beverage and brewing industries.

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Automatic Cleaning: Utensils, Moulds, Crates & Hooks

Washing machines cleaning & disinfection

Cleaning and disinfection of crates, moulds, hooks, etc. is usually carried out in automatic equipment or tunnel washers. Cleaning in tunnel washers requires specialised professional cleaning products to remove dirt and pathogenic microorganisms effectively, without the formation of foam. Our range includes industrial detergent products for cleaning and disinfection, as well as products for the maintenance of the washing tunnels themselves.

The Christeyns range includes industrial detergent products for cleaning and disinfection of crates, moulds in dairies and other industries, trays, pallets, etc., as well as products for automatic floor scrubbing and other automatic applications. Products are also available for the maintenance of the washing tunnels themselves.

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Conveyor belt cleaning & disinfection system

Conveyor belts in the food industry can be the source of many cross-contaminations. Due to the characteristics of the plastic materials they are made of, and the continuous use they are given, discontinuities often appear on the surface which make it difficult to sanitise them correctly, making them suitable substrates for the formation of biofilms and a niche for numerous microorganisms which can contaminate foodstuffs.

To avoid this process and to achieve correct, constant and uniform microbiological results, the implementation of an Automatic Belt Sanitising System is recommended. The HAC SYSTEM is custom-designed, taking into account the particular characteristics of each plant and allows savings of more than 40% in water, detergents and disinfectants, as well as reducing the time and energy used to carry out these tasks.

Christeyns’ range of products for the automatic cleaning and disinfection of conveyor belts includes products specifically designed to remove the build-up of dirt and microorganisms on conveyor belts, thus ensuring safe and effective cleaning.

Among the products available are specific detergents, disinfectants and degreasers for conveyor belts. These products can be used in automatic cleaning and disinfection systems such as the HAC SYSTEM. Christeyns also offers specific detergents for the maintenance and protection of conveyor belts, helping to prolong their service life and reduce replacement costs.

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Hygiene through cavitation

Christeyns offers innovative products for cleaning and disinfection systems for the food industry based on ultrasone technology through cavitation. This systems significantly optimise cleaning processes, both in terms of time and efficiency, and automate them. Cavitation, in combination with high temperatures and specific chemicals, is used to effectively remove dirt and grease, and to precisely disinfect micro-organisms and biofilms.

The right selection of cleaning chemicals is essential to ensure the success of the process and is adapted according to the type of contamination, the surface to be cleaned, the properties of the water, etc.

Christeyns offers its customers personalised advice on the choice of these products. In addition to good cleaning and disinfection properties, the chemical chosen must be compatible with the material to be cleaned. Chemicals for ultrasone cleaning that effectively clean all types of utensils or cutting elements of machinery and equipment, as well as the different chains of hooks (slaughtering, evisceration, airing, classification and quartering).

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Christeyns has a new range of products for the control of hygiene to evaluate the effectiveness of cleaning procedures. Several rapid tests to detect the presence of different contaminants on surfaces after cleaning and disinfection operations.

The hygiene control tools include a test for biofilm detection (TBF 300) and a test for the detection of contamination (BioFinder).

Biofilm Control Products

Christeyns has a range of products for the detection and elimination of biofilms in the food industry. This range consists of chemical and enzyme-based products. They act in combination to degrade the biofilm matrix, detach it from the surfaces and eliminate the micro-organisms it contains and prevent contamination by the main pathogens: Listeria monocytogenes, salmonella, E.coli and others.

In this way, industries protect the environment, the health of cleaning staff, their facilities, increase occupational safety, the hygiene of their facilities and, in turn, guarantee the food safety.

Discover all our products for the detection and elimination of biofilms in the food industry.

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Personal Hygiene

Food handler hygiene is a prerequisite for food safety. This hygiene is based on both personal hygiene practices and hygienic handling of the food product. To achieve adequate levels of food handler hygiene, food handlers must be provided with the necessary products and equipment for hand washing and decontamination, boot cleaning, sole washing, etc.

At Christeyns we have specific hygiene products to maintain proper personal hygiene at work.

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