A hygienic and freshly cleaned building makes a good impression on your visitors, clients or residents. But it’s more than that. It’s also a safe environment, workplace or home where people don’t need to worry about their health. Maintaining these offices, schools, shopping malls and government buildings requires quite some effort and expertise while various spaces such as restrooms, hallways and entrance halls call for different cleaning routines and products. Christeyns helps you on your way.

getting things clean and safe
Getting things clean & safe
High-quality detergents and disinfectants for professional cleaning in buildings and facilities
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total concepts
Total concepts
Total cleaning concepts for buildings and facilities
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the right equipment
The right equipment
Specialised tools and equipment for professional cleaning in buildings and facilities
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saving water
Sustainable Solutions
The environmental aspect of professional cleaning processes
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Education & training
Hygiene trainings for professionals in the cleaning industry
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professional advice
Professional advice & service
Experts and specialist helping you face the challenges of modern cleaning industry
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Building & facilities

Our Products

The Christeyns LUFRA range is dedicated to room care and includes multi surface cleaners and a variety of sanitary cleaners in concentrated or ready-to-use condition. For daily and periodic cleaning and maintenance of all types of floors, the Christeyns FLOORIT products are suitable. Furthermore, the ADOR portfolio contains specialised air nebulisation systems and the PHAGO range consists of disinfectants approved for medical applications. Finally, our GREEN’R range offers ecological alternatives to the regular product ranges.

Total cleaning concepts

Christeyns is continuously looking for intelligent hygiene solutions to make daily cleaning practices run easily, quickly and safely. Our GREEN’R Superconcentrates range is an example of a total concept that combines ultra concentrated products with a unique dosing system for the cleaning of kitchens, floors and surfaces. Another example is the FLOORIT ERGON floor cleaning concept that unites an ergonomic cleaning device with washable mop pads and ready-to-use detergent and disinfectant pouches.
Super Concentrates Christeyns

The Right Equipment

A reliable cleaning routine requires appropriate and professional equipment. Next to general cleaning tools and accessories Christeyns also puts forward specialised fogging systems for aerial disinfection and automatic or manual perfume nebulizers. Floor scrubbers and different types of hand hygiene dispensers complete the range.

Sustainable Solutions

Christeyns GREEN’R offers an answer to the new, ecological hygiene standards with an extensive range of well-performing eco labelled products. The products are nontoxic, do not harm the environment and reduce the risks of allergy. Even in lower doses the Christeyns products show impeccable results and maximum efficiency while saving on water, transportation costs and packaging. While were at it, we also eliminate parabens, alcohol derivates, perfumes, dyes and other additives from our raw materials and compositions to enhance the tolerability for different skin types.
Christeyns Sustainability

Education and Training

Which products can be used for which applications? What are the best practices in cleaning and disinfecting? And how about the hygiene legislation and quality standards? Christeyns Academy provides hygiene trainings for professional cleaning in buildings and facilities.

Professional Advice

With periodic audits and detailed analysis our expert team looks for the best hygiene solution. We provide you with product and safety information and we actively listen to your needs and preferences to draw up customised cleaning plans. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Christeyns launches new, cost-saving ozone concept for on-premise laundries

Christeyns proudly announces the launch of Rapid-O, a total concept consisting of an ozone generator and dedicated chemicals, combined in a wash process. The synergy between the ozone and the products results in efficiency improvements, and an ultimate sensation of softness for elderly home residents or hotel guests. Washing with cold water, less sorting, lower […]
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Rapid-O ozone system

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