Passionate about laundry

As a professional laundry, it is crucial to partner up with a trustworthy chemical supplier. Christeyns entered the laundry business in the 1940’s and has since developed into a real expert of the textile care market, providing state-of-the-art detergents and equipment.

Continuous innovation

Over 250 highly qualified and dedicated specialists are at your service every day, offering highly efficient solutions that are the result of thorough research and development :

Low Impact Washing

Christeyns helps laundries to wash with Low Impact on the environment. And save money at the same time. Low Impact Washing is Christeyns’ philosophy on future washing. It not only focuses on the washing process. It starts with precise dosing of the right chemicals, careful monitoring of the dosing process, applying adapted & more efficient wash processes, and using water and energy saving equipment. Our experienced specialists can also help you with personalised advice, consultancy, on-site audits and staff training.

Christeyns equips you for the challenges of the modern laundry industry.

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