Explosives precursors new EU Regulation : Together, we can make a difference!

On February 1, 2021 a new EU regulation entered into force regarding the marketing and use of explosives precursors. Goal of this new Regulation EU 2019/1148, which replaces a first legislative act of 2013, is to harmonise the rules regarding explosives precursors in the European Union and thus to enhance security.

It aims at :

  • improving the safety of the commercial activities of the concerned products, controlling movements,
  • thefts and losses of explosives precursors,
  • limiting the availability of these substances or mixtures to the general public,
  • avoiding misuse and illegal manufacture of explosives,
  • and reporting of suspicious transactions, thefts and disappearances of these substances to the authorities.

The advice in this leaflet aims to help you prevent serious crimes, as well as fulfil your legal obligations.

Explosives precursors – leaflet


Together for a safer Europe!