Share life, give blood

FRANCE – Regional sales manager Annick Rouillon is a blood donor herself and urged her Christeyns colleagues in France to continue donating blood during these corona times.

Despite the fact that the demand for blood products in many regions is falling due to the temporary postponement of non-urgent treatments and surgery, health institutions are still calling for blood donations to continue. Due to the lockdown in France, for example, much less blood is being donated and the supply of red blood cells and platelets is decreasing. The former have a maximum shelf life of 42 days and platelets can be stored for 7 days. In France, people are still allowed to travel for blood donation and the donation centres are doing everything in their power to ensure that things run safely. The nursing staff is provided with protective equipment, the social distancing rules must be observed and the necessary equipment is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after each donation. Of course, you are not allowed to dondate if you have symptoms of coronavirus.

Take a look at the website of your national/regional health institution to check what the regulations are for your area.