Kill your energy bill with Heat-X Energo

For commercial laundries, waste heat recovery represents an outstanding opportunity to enhance efficiency, save on energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint. By leveraging water-to-water or air-to-water heat exchanger systems, laundries can capture thermal energy from the excess heat for use in preheating the freshwater supply. Thereby taking full advantage of all available resources with minimal environmental impact.

Keep the heat in motion

Our engineers have been working hard to develop more efficient systems to re-use waste heat. One such system is Heat-X Energo. Heat-X Energo is a shell-and-tube water heat exchanger, which has been carefully developed to meet the specific requirements of the laundry industry. Apart from its energy savings, this plug-and-play heat exchanger requires minimal maintenance. Plus, it serves as an efficient way to manage temperature fluctuations during peak operational periods.

Furthermore, its modular design makes it easy to scale according to specific requirements. Also, equipment upgrades can be done quickly without requiring major modifications or investments.

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