Charity Christeyns & Oleon

BELGIUM (HQ) – On Friday 29 March we distributed soap and detergents to charity organisations in Ghent, Overijse and Antwerp, just like in 2017. Together with our ingredient supplier Oleon, we donated bottles of hand and body wash, and 3-litre bottles of detergent. The charity organisations are committed to working for people in need, helping disadvantaged families improve their personal hygiene.

Resources for local campaigns
Poverty continues to be on the rise in Flanders. Figures from 2016 show that one in eight children grow up in a family that lives below the poverty line. Despite the fact that charitable organisations do whatever they can to help these families, it is much more difficult for them to access hygiene products than food.

Personal hygiene is a fundamental right
‘Personal hygiene is a fundamental right,’ explains Jef Wittouck, Managing Director of Christeyns. ‘When we hear this, we usually automatically think of developing countries, but sometimes we don’t need to look any further than in front of our nose. Poverty continues to be on the rise in Flanders. From the volunteers at the different non-profit organisations we hear that hygiene products are in high demand.’

One of these less fortunate families from Overijse confirms just how welcome these products are: ‘I have six children and the youngest ones in particular, like all small children, quickly get dirty from playing outside or spilling their food and drink. They need to be able to wash every day and their clothes need cleaning all the time, but soaps are expensive in the supermarkets here. I’ve often asked if the charity would be able to help us with these types of products, but they don’t have enough available.’

We’re happy we could make a small contribution to the inspiring story of the charities by handing out our soaps.