A safe ride with BattMobiel & Christeyns

BELGIUM (HQ) – During the corona crisis, the Ghent-based start-up BattMobiel is making its shared electric cars available free of charge to volunteers who want to help others. Christeyns is supporting the project with disinfection products for a safe, virus-free ride!

Because everyone is staying at home as much as possible, most BattMobiel shared cars remained unused. That’s why the company is now allowing the cars to be used free of charge by those people who are selflessly helping others in the coronavirus crisis. For example, if someone is looking for a car to deliver food and other shopping to people living alone or elderly people who do not want to or cannot leave their home, they can use a BattMobiel. Christeyns makes sure that the volunteer has disinfectant available in the car to clean their hands and to disinfect the steering wheel and door afterwards.