Saving our natural resources

Christeyns’ water management systems recover the resources that would otherwise be lost.

Efficient filters like our Lint-X range reduce the soil loading in the waste water and can help you drastically decrease your water consumption.

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Lint-X Rotor by Christeyns

#00489bLint-X Rotor

Rotating drum filer for effective water filtration

  • Allows re-use of process water from tunnel washer and WE.
  • Reduces soil loading in waste water.
  • Saves water and energy, especially in combination with sustainable wash concepts
Lint-X Rotor Flyer (1.59Mb)

#5ba51eLint-X Regain

Compact, integrated wedge wire filter for effective water re-use

  • Re-use of process water from tunnel washer and washer extractor.
  • Easy to install and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Low in-use operation costs.


WaterFLO-X by Christeyns


Custom-made water treatment system

  • For the end-of-pipe treatment of waste water
  • Brings waste water within the legal discharge limits


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