Taking washing to a higher level

Want to save costs in your laundry, but without making compromises on processing efficiency or cleaning results? By offering you an inventive laundry concept including the right chemistry, we can help you achieve this goal.

Christeyns developed Cool Chemistry for healthcare, hospitality and workwear, a total wash concept that has an impact on nearly all laundry costs. Cool chemistry is based on truly innovative chemicals and equipment, combined with an adapted and well balanced wash process. The concept enables you to wash at lower temperatures, with excellent wash quality, disinfection* and bleaching results from 40° C onwards. Our hospitality concept is available in an EU Ecolabel and a Nordic Swan approved range. Cool Chemistry healthcare is RKI-listed at 60° C.
(* disinfection with Cool Asepsis)

For washer extractors, Christeyns offers Compact ONE, a full range of economical wash processes that assure significant total savings (water, energy and productivity) and more simplicity while keeping an excellent washing performance. The successful concept is based on a combination of innovative process design, a newly developed product portfolio, optional W&E equipment and a professional analysis by Christeyns experts.

Sanoxy® Max, our total concept for tunnel washers, assures excellent washing quality thanks to the high performing Sanoxy 3-in-1 liquid for bleaching, disinfecting and neutralising. Combined with integrated Lint-X water filtration and Heat-X heat exchanger,  an extremely low water and energy consumption can be guaranteed.

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Cool Chemistry Ecolabel

#00489bCool Chemistry for hospitality

Total ecological wash concept for a gentle but highly effective treatment of hospitality linen.

  • EU Ecolabel approved (Green range)
  • Nordic Swan approved (Blue range)
  • Spectacular whiteness
  • Excellent stain removal
  • Unparalleled results from 40°C onwards
  • pH neutral process
Cool Chemistry Hospitality Ecolabel, green range, blue range (2.21Mb)
Cool Chemistry Workwear

#0b4975Cool Chemistry for workwear

Total wash concept for the gentle but highly effective treatment of white, blue and high-vis workwear.

  • Good stain removal
  • Longer textile lifetime
  • Optimal loading
  • Less sorting
Cool Chemistry Workwear flyer brochure (1.9Mb)
Cool chemistry Healthcare

#00489bCool Chemistry for healthcare

Total wash concept for the gentle but highly effective treatment of healthcare linen.

  • Spectacular whiteness
  • Outstanding disinfection properties (with Cool Asepsis)
  • Excellent stain removal
  • Unparalleled results from 40°C onwards
  • pH neutral process
  • RKI-listed 60° C
Cool Chemistry Healthcare (1.17Mb)
Sanoxy Max by Christeyns

#00489bSanoxy® Max

Total, integrated solution for flat linen in tunnel washers

  • reduces fresh water consumption down to 1.5-2.5l/kg;
  • brings energy consumption down to 0-0.15 kWh/kg;
  • allow washing at lower temperature (50-60°C);
  • results in improved whiteness (+UV) > 220;
  • and achieves excellent micro-biological results


Compact ONE logo

#00489bCompact ONE

Total wash concept for washer extractors

  • Save up to 60% water and energy
  • Reduce process time by 40%
  • Maximise loading efficiency
compact-one_flyer_a4_en_v1.pdf (1.54Mb)

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