The brain of washing

Whether you want to maintain a clear overview of your washing activities, seek to optimise your entire production or look for the ultimate washing management system, Christeyns has the right solution for you.

Laundry X-pert

Laundry X-pert is the ideal Management Information Software to monitor and control the cost and efficiency of the washing process. The Laundry X-pert software provides real-time information about the chemicals and the washing process, data that is continuously logged. Via standard reports, laundry managers see at one glance where the operational efficiency can be improved and costs can be saved.

Laundry Dashboard

Laundry Dashboard gives you real-time insight into every aspect of the performance of your laundry. This innovative solution enables you to easily optimise your profit. Laundry Dashboard measures and analyses energy consumption, machine performance and employee productivity.  This user-friendly system is web-based, so you can access it from anywhere at any time. And that means that you never ease your grip on the costs, performance and results of your laundry.


Process Guard is Christeyns' unique patented batch follow-up and sampling system to confirm the quality of the washing process.  Process Guard follows batches that need to be sampled through the different steps in the wash process, and takes regular samples of the wash liquor according to a preprogrammed sampling schedule. A detection unit analyses the samples and the data are logged in PLC. This vigilant watchdog gives laundry managers unparalleled peace of mind about the quality of their linen supply.

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Laundry X-pert software screenshot

#5ba51eLaundry X-pert

Central MIS for laundries

  • Monitoring the cost and efficiency of the washing process with one central system.
  • With real-time information, logged data and standard reports.
  • Compatible with all dosing equipment.
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Laundry Dashboard software screenshot

#5da51eLaundry Dashboard

Online management tool for laundries

  • Monitors the performance of your entire laundry.
  • Costs and revenues insights - per customer and per classification. 
  • Real-time insight into your production process
  • Savings in time and money.


Process Guard

#5ba51eProcess Guard

Unique, patented batch follow-up and sampling system

  • Automatically measures, analyses and registers the quality of the wash process
  • Samples and follows the batch through the wash process
  • Analyses the real-time data and signals non-conformities


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