Christeyns’ quality detergents

Christeyns provides professional laundries with quality chemicals, whether liquids or powders. All our products have been developed using our many years of professional experience and our extensive research in sustainability.

High performance liquids, powders and specialties

Our liquid products allow the implementation of flexible wash processes that perform at the highest level, but cause practically no damage to the environment. Our highly effective powders are suitable for automatic dosing, and stock solution systems. Specific products are available for hospitals, old people’s homes and work wear processing.

Learn more about our laundry detergents and specialties below and feel free to contact us if you are looking for a specific solution.

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Premium Liquids

#00489bLiquid detergents

Premium liquids

  • Suitable for all types of textiles and stains
  • Excellent wash results
  • Reduction in waste water purification costs
  • Guaranteed cleaner and safer working conditions


#00469bPowder detergents

High performance powders

  • Minimum dosage levels for excellent wash results
  • Excellent cost-effectiveness
  • Suitable for washing heavily soiled items


Bisoft Perla

#00489bBisoft Perla

Premium softener with long-lasting perfume.

  • Superior softness
  • Long-lasting fresh scent
  • Perfume encapsulated in micro pearls that resist the tumble dryer
  • Dual perfume release
Bisoft Perla flyer (1.99Mb)
Osmafin Aquablock Plus

#00489bOsmafin Aquablock Plus

Low-temperature waterproofing agent for personal  protection textiles

  • Active at low drying temperatures
  • Excellent water, dirt- and stain repellent effect
  • Low textile damage
Osmafin Aquablock Plus flyer (2.31Mb)
Mulan Solar

#00489bMulan Solar

Concentrated degreaser

  • Removes difficult sun screen stains
  • Reduces rewash
  • Improves whiteness
Mulan Solar flyer (2.39Mb)

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