Gentle care for delicate textiles

Wool, silk, leather and other delicate textiles often cause concern to the professional textile cleaner. These fabrics require a gentle approach, while the end consumer has high expectations.

Building on its broad knowledge and experience in washing technology, Christeyns has set up a specialized department, Cole & Wilson - Gentle Care Detergents, with one sole focus: cleaning delicate textiles. The department works with dedicated specialists, who completely understand the finesse of modern-day cleaning procedures, the stains, the fabrics and even the machines.

Cole & Wilson, UK market leader in dry clean chemicals, was acquired by Christeyns in 2014 and merged with the existing Christeyns Gentle Care department.  Result of this merger: a premium range of products for dry cleaning (Sultra), wet cleaning (Pro-Fit) and stain removal (Sultraspot),

Christeyns Cole & Wilson also developed HiGlo, a unique, all-round dry cleaning solvent with excellent cleaning effect and neutral
smell. It is an innovative alternative for perchlorethylene.

  • Brings you bright colours, a soft feel and easy finishing
  • Works smoothly in all types of multisolvent machines
  • Leaves a great touch on treated textiles
  • Is gentle for your textiles and your operators

Discover Aquawave, our total dry-to-dry wetcleaning concept for delicate textiles combines innovative chemicals with a balanced cleaning process.

The reliable Cole & Wilson products, combined with first-class equipment, professional advice and training, offer you genuine “Gentle Care”.


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