Hand care

Hand hygiene is essential, whether in the workplace, in kitchens, in rest rooms or in public areas. It is one of the most crucial means to prevent infections from spreading. Christeyns helps you deal with this issue efficiently.

We offer a comprehensive range of hand care products in user-friendly formulations that reduce the potential for skin irritation.

Christeyns hand care products are ideal for use in both the kitchen and public areas in restaurants, hotels, bars, pubs, nightclubs, healthcare, hospitals, nursing homes etc.

Together, we can find the solution that meets your every requirement.

Our offer :


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#5ca31fHand Care

  • Hand and body soaps
  • Hand soap for workshops (heavy duty)
  • Alcoholic gels / disinfection
  • Ecological products
  • Suitable for frequent use
  • Gentle for the hands


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