Transfer Guard receives patent


Christeyns has received a European patent for its security system that ensures a safe and reliable transfer of liquid laundry detergents. Thanks to a 5-step security system reinforced with QR code technology, chemicals can be transfer pumped safely.

“This is a necessary procedure”, according to the inventor Cees van Haasteren, Regional Director BeNeLux at Christeyns, “as transfer pumping of chemicals can be dangerous for several reasons. Chemicals can affect a person’s health, pollute the environment, disrupt the laundry production, etc. These dangers place a great responsibility on employees, procedures and plant equipment to be safe and reliable. By introducing Transfer Guard these risks are eliminated”.

How does it work?

Often chemicals arrive at the customer in drums and IBC’s from which they are transferred into storage tanks. They require handling in such a way that any risk of incorrect transfer pumping is removed completely. This is accomplished by using Transfer Guard and its  5-step security system.

The first 2 QR security steps involve the human aspect. Only registrered trained personel are able to perform the procedure. The second two QR security steps involve the control check of the delivered product and its affiliate tank. In combination with an order level electronic signal from the same tank and validation of these four QR security steps the transfer pump will start. After complete transfer the pump is stopped and a fifth QR security step is performed to mark “end cycle”. System fail or emergency procedures are all incorporated, to avoid stand still.

With the implementation of Transfer Guard, Christeyns ensures its customers that liquid detergents are transfer pumped in a safe and reliable way. As an additional benefit Transfer Guard can be linked to Christeyns Laundry X-pert software.

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